You can stop pulling in favors from your Dr friend now

If you have a Dr friend you call in favors with you can give them a break.  With 24-7 Telemedicine at your fingertips, you can talk to a Doctor anytime day or night for around$12 a month with no other expenses besides your monthly fee and prescription cots. Give your friend a break.  They need it more than ever.

To learn more about Telemedicine FAQ Included Behavioral Health benefit FAQ

Best Priced Easy to Use No Copay No Consultation Fee Telemedicine

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Got anxiety?

Give our Behavioral Health a try. Behavioral Health Benefits 24/7 availability to Master’s Level Counselors. $0 Consultation Fee to the member (other than monthly fee). Immediate crisis support. Comprehensive problem assessment and resolution. Supportive counseling and subsequent sessions. Education. 100 percent follow up with the original counselor. Custom referral (if needed) to medical, behavioral health plans or local … Continue reading